Saturday, 6 September 2014

Victoria Beckham's Lowlife Husband David.... Pedophile Member & Hounding Brad * Kesh but Supports Brad and Angelina

Footballer David Beckham at the heart of the evil nigger treatment being delt the wife
 of Brad Pitt by racist Hollywood. Surmounting bills for EliteOne Provocateur so called
 taken in two or a year old.... aka two-years after it official became Provocateur are 
making it impossible to continue that using the namesake illegally will also allow for 
them to collect the enormously amassed fortune that it continues to earn since 2011. 
Beckham and Victoria are facing losing the out of nowhere $297 billion dollar fortune. 
Refusing to pay the former EliteOne Provocateur CEO which came to its end after a 
series of racism based demands to refuse payment to Mrs Kesha Pitt then known as 
Mrs Kesha Coggins Pitt and raids on the still privately owned estates, properties, and 
hotels, lead to the reporting of the matter to the Justice Department of the former Americas.

Properties purchase exclusively for EliteOne Provocateur's 2011 launched  stolen, 
re-mortgaged without permission in attempt to pocket equity and prostitute children
 of the former CEO turned Provocateur sole proprietor are to be sold. None will ever 
be used as private homes of this Mary Queen of Scots heir as many have entered 
without permission, vandalism and terrorising her and her children since 2012. Both 
Beckham and Victoria... use the Brad and Kesha children scattered around the world of
 the pedophile ring of Hollywood the appeared to have joined when Beckham emerged in
 Hollywood starting for LA Galaxy. Rumoured to have emptied out bank accounts in 
 with the help of London Met Police who also have been blocking all rise of the wife of
 Brad Pitt and too believe themselves having taken of EliteOne Provocateur UK the 
money in the trillions is simply gone.