Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Excalibur-one Departs Plan B & Shuts Door on Film Industry Forever (2001-2013)

Revenue and future projected earning owed only to Kesha Coggins Pitt  NEVER PAID ~Neither from Excalibur-one aka Plan B or http://eliteonefilms.wix.com/eof

The two year hiatus expects to see a concluded investigation into theft and embezzled millions of Elite One Films as well as Paramount Vantage films projects,

Founder behind the real trade name of Plan B is none other than the producer and writer talents of CEO Kesha Coggins  aka Kesha Pitt & Kesha Coggins Pitt. Launched in 2001, after a conversation with husband Brad Pitt when he hinted of existing Hollywood for good in 5-years. Kesha knew his longevity would depend upon his working outside of Hollywood and instead an independent filmmaker.

By 2001, London filmmakers were setting the pace of the European film market and scene as far as she was concerned and Pitt appeared to be a good fit for the roles she endeared herself towards. Now 2014, the return of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey (former Paramount Pictures boss who continues to charade as boss of the fallen film studio), Kesha makes the split from the farce team for good.

There will be no future collaboration onwhich the disrespectfully Aniston and sidekick corrupt Driss Hayoukane of the London Met Police will ever achieve linking with or working with Kesha this side of the century. She rebukes them both.

Excalibur-One too stand independently now that the play for Elite One Films by sickafan Dany Farha and monstousity Amal Mansour both facially turn into piles of crap before Hollywood's eyes. Leaving many to first believe some sort of decent in quality of Kesha's work. Never just evil moron wannabes aka taking it in without ever telling this producer and thus watching her exist, terminate all production and move on. 

Next venture  to focus on amid the freeing of herself forever from Hollywood and a relocation to Asia... Enjoy!

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