Sunday, 23 February 2014

My wife Kesha loves this song! hot- she says when she hears it! HAHA

My message for the wife- Mrs Bradley Pitt aka Mrs Kesha Pitt

My wife Kesha loves this show. Can't wait!

My wife Kesha loves this show.  that's probably why they brought it back... thanks Heroes Reborn 2015 - CAN'T WAIT!   Watch more here -

My Wife's Magazine Tres' Blog 2014 - Magazine Tres Blog

For the latest news about me, my wife and our entertainment industry we both have worked within for 25 years or  me and she since she advised me to launch our very own film company called Excalibur-one in 2001 It since has ended as our lifestyle looks to take our lives around the world and far from Hollywood's preying and gawking eyes.

Renamed Plan B in 2002, we had the most successful run any film producer could ever wish for. Several Oscar nods later and we are still going strong. Plan B existed Paramount Pictures as Paramount Vantage did so years earlier. As launched in 2007 under name Vintage Row.

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Brad Pitt – REAL ~ My new life with my wife Mrs. Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Coggins Pitt & Kesha Crawford Pitt… Real & unadulterated! Just for you…

Brad Pitt – REAL

~ My new life with my wife Mrs. Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Coggins Pitt & Kesha Crawford Pitt… Real & unadulterated! Just for you…

the wordpress website profile we launched together just weeks after tying the knot for the second time in 10 years. i love her sooo much!

Second Launch that Makes My Wife Our Millions Magazine Tress

this blog literally makes her trillions since she launched it in 2010. It lau nched just weeks after Entertainment & Celebrity News position ended and weeks after her ASSOCIATED CONTENT newly launched as Yahoo Contributor Content.  Magazine Tres url -


the hottest Brad Pitt, Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl, Robert Pattinson, Twilight news, celebrity news, entertainment news, movie news, sports

God Bless! WOW what a success story- She is an Entertainment & Celebrity  News writer REAL!  

God Bless!

My Wife's Blogspot blog The blog that started it all. Now she is worth millions....

Read my wife's launch of her very first social website. She tells me about this site and I say give me the link so she does. And, I look at it and start to cry. Why is she doing all these things when I go to work everyday
for her and she can't even get herself here to me. But, she does this instead. Humm I thought. Then I saw my articles and started to smile (still crying -she says) and thought "she's amazing. That's what the matter with her is. She is simply amazing!

My Wife Ads My Fantastic New Facebook Profile ~ Says Brad Pitt

My Wife Ads My Fantastic New Facebook Profile ~ Says Brad Pitt

New facebook profile for Brad Pitt added earlier today got at by jealous losers after Pitt's wife turned ugly from former friends also added on her now reported Kacey Can Pitt profile falsely renamed for use by some arab or Iraqi jealous pathological stalker called Ash Ahmed.

After only just minutes of setting up the hot new profile the profile disappeared and the ugly green grass background was set on Mrs. Bradley Pitt aka Kesha Pitt's profile just seconds later. Pretending that the wife of Brad Pitt went inside one on of Madonna's ploys to justify moving into Italian villas last year, stealing a trillion dollars and keeping prior to the lie and sending her marriage to a premature ending with the throwing a former co-star and fake baby maker Angelina Jolie. No womb yet she pretends to give birth to zillions a babies over 9-years.

Madonna a big supporter of this farce situation expects to have Kesha her Brittany Spears broken GAY kiss moment for the world but no such luck there. She be rotting in her own coffin before that ever happens....

See the new Brad Pitt facebook website: 

My Message Andy Roddick ` get out of my WIFE'S life Roddick!!

my wife is my perfect publicist ~ get lost Andy Roddick  - you'll never get my wife but you can have Jolie... all you like. I told you that since 2009 when you made a inquiry about my wife Kesha

I wanted my wife to launch this account for so long....