Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Wife Ads My Fantastic New Facebook Profile ~ Says Brad Pitt

My Wife Ads My Fantastic New Facebook Profile ~ Says Brad Pitt

New facebook profile for Brad Pitt added earlier today got at by jealous losers after Pitt's wife turned ugly from former friends also added on her now reported Kacey Can Pitt profile falsely renamed for use by some arab or Iraqi jealous pathological stalker called Ash Ahmed.

After only just minutes of setting up the hot new profile the profile disappeared and the ugly green grass background was set on Mrs. Bradley Pitt aka Kesha Pitt's profile just seconds later. Pretending that the wife of Brad Pitt went inside one on of Madonna's ploys to justify moving into Italian villas last year, stealing a trillion dollars and keeping prior to the lie and sending her marriage to a premature ending with the throwing a former co-star and fake baby maker Angelina Jolie. No womb yet she pretends to give birth to zillions a babies over 9-years.

Madonna a big supporter of this farce situation expects to have Kesha her Brittany Spears broken GAY kiss moment for the world but no such luck there. She be rotting in her own coffin before that ever happens....

See the new Brad Pitt facebook website: