Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Brad Pitt's Wife's Magazine Tres New Blog Plagiarized?

Magazine Tres Magazine founder and CEO Hounded, Fleeced and now Plagiarized

Is Magazine Tres plagiarized, writing new entries for publication for the fasting rising internet based magazine did appear to surpass even that of Trend Hunter leader Jeremy Gutsche who appears to be using the magazine and attempting to capitalize upon its success and its vast annual revenue. Yet to to be to this magazine, editor, and entertainment writer don't be surprise if the matter lands the formerly successful internet guru in prison or in court.

Anti-celebritism, you will never find the lacking in every way, shallow celebrity story on this site or any site owned or edited by Mrs. Brad Pitt aka Kesha Pitt and Crawford Pitt...  Just after several updates the url was blocked with earlier threats of having stayed down or took it in.... what a joke.... He and those helping him are out to steal every dollar like they have stolen from Yahoo... who is still facing this entertainment writer in legal proceedings set against them..

Brad and Kesha Pitt kids Lured Back into Hollywood Pedophile Ring for Over One Year

Brad and Kesha Pitt kids Lured Back into Hollywood Pedophile Ring for Over One Year

Hundreds of the Brad and Kesha Pitt bloodline children related to her and even Gossip Girl star are entered into fostercare where they are raped by NC DSS former or present officer Betty Hughes and B lister Courtney Cox a supreme racist member. Alastair BUrlingham confirmed biological father of the Jolie
Pitt children as well as Medhat Sheik El Ard are also behind the daily distribution of the some 2000 children headed by former friend some 18 years ago Amal Mansour. Ironically, the wife of Brad Pitt would discover that she was one of these kids for Hollywood and Amal was in the same capacity as she is not .... the person who lured her out to clients of perversion and molestation.

Rescued in 2011,  the 2500 children were prior to entered into Guam and raped. Yet the local police still do nothing more than joined the corrupt British Police in cover up if not the raping and sodomizing thousands of celebrities also attending Ladera Towers. Since November 2012, the children kidnapped by Madonna, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and passed around to pay for their lifestyles...

Loser living off the assets of Mrs Bradley Pitt aka Kesha are the thousands of diseased up celebrity lacing food products on the island with their contaminated blood or feces in order that she too would join their sick and perverted lifestyle.

The Pitt and Crawford Pitt children are due at their boarding schools in Paris, Cork and Beaulieu... not the ended America of the this world. The next official pedophile capitol of the world.

Tom Cruise still stalking the wife of Brad Pitt in Vain

Tom Cruise still stalking the wife of Brad Pitt in vain. Nothing in the world will ever bring Cruise and Kesha Pitt together but he still bores her with daily calling and claims of her smelling to further insist hatred against her. He is evil to the core. Aided by Madonna's racism the ranting of nigger treatment means the they who hunt Brad and Kesha Pitt will never see the pair enter into the now enemy Hollywood circles that just want to use them both sexually and of course further live off of their millions.

Stolen by both Cruise and Madonna, they apparently need Kesha to surrender so they can justify stealing all her money as they have done so many other Negros of Hollywood. Threats of arresting her have fallen thus far short. But, they continue to harass her and keep her children from her. Molested and and passed around Hollywood, the children of Brad and Kesha but also the fake Jolie Pitt children are also prostituted by Angelina Jolie herself.  The police know and are also attempting to wait for some big payoff that also will never come.

Kesha rather stink and reek than join WHITE HOLLYWOOD.......

Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Coggins Pitt former CEO of EliteOne Provocateur ~ Property Purchases Like Yahoo Revenue Stolen or Broken Into Illegal Squatting on the Premises

Kesha Coggins former CEO of EliteOne Provocateur ~ Property Purchases Like Yahoo Revenue Stolen or Broken Into Illegal Squatting on the Premises

Stranded on the island of Guam... no money and no where to live, the wife of Hollywood actor lies, sides with racist pressure to sell her out and steal her money now seeks to steal all her homes around the world.  

Reported to NYC Finance other reports to follow.....

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NAME:        Kesha Rona Coggins
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TELEPHONE NUMBER:        6719712549
QUESTION?:        I purchased a 2 story top floor in West Village in Dec 2010. Need the deeds copy and other properties purchased in 2011 including Sutton Place, The HUERVE. There are a series of thefts reported, break in and worst of all people living in the property without paying or permission.
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Matt Damon after Brad Pitt homosexually gave access to the Angelina Jolie facade

Matt Damon after Brad Pitt homosexually gave access to the Angelina Jolie facade. Since 2008/2009, resorting to sexually assaulting Hollywood actor who incidentally did not father any of her children biologically which some say is why she never wants to admit that they are over and in fact were never a couple in the first place aka no child support to be ever granted or heir to any fortune as she and her mother first initially plotted and thought.

Discovering Kesha Coggins at the heart of a London Met Police undertaking in summer then October when they sought to arrest her, run her into court the following then ship her off to Holloway prison just minutes after what they thought would have been the courts siding with them rather than her in competence Solicitors Michael Lipman & Co. Smanner in the stitch up was the clever last minute Barrister's Brad Pitt must have sent in at the very last minute on the day.Kept from her knownledge in pursuit of the Appeal they succesfull brought against the Met Police would have netted her several hundred of thousands of pounds at the time be they lost their star witness Alastair Burlingham who are made her witness and summoned to court to testify against the very police undertaking they used his very powerful status and namesake to set her up,. She stood in the way of prostitutes Allison Fabioloa, Nesh and Shana Ramadasham (Merrill Lynch employee).