Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tom Cruise still stalking the wife of Brad Pitt in Vain

Tom Cruise still stalking the wife of Brad Pitt in vain. Nothing in the world will ever bring Cruise and Kesha Pitt together but he still bores her with daily calling and claims of her smelling to further insist hatred against her. He is evil to the core. Aided by Madonna's racism the ranting of nigger treatment means the they who hunt Brad and Kesha Pitt will never see the pair enter into the now enemy Hollywood circles that just want to use them both sexually and of course further live off of their millions.

Stolen by both Cruise and Madonna, they apparently need Kesha to surrender so they can justify stealing all her money as they have done so many other Negros of Hollywood. Threats of arresting her have fallen thus far short. But, they continue to harass her and keep her children from her. Molested and and passed around Hollywood, the children of Brad and Kesha but also the fake Jolie Pitt children are also prostituted by Angelina Jolie herself.  The police know and are also attempting to wait for some big payoff that also will never come.

Kesha rather stink and reek than join WHITE HOLLYWOOD.......