Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Brad Pitt's Wife's Magazine Tres New Blog Plagiarized?

Magazine Tres Magazine founder and CEO Hounded, Fleeced and now Plagiarized

Is Magazine Tres plagiarized, writing new entries for publication for the fasting rising internet based magazine did appear to surpass even that of Trend Hunter leader Jeremy Gutsche who appears to be using the magazine and attempting to capitalize upon its success and its vast annual revenue. Yet to to be to this magazine, editor, and entertainment writer don't be surprise if the matter lands the formerly successful internet guru in prison or in court.

Anti-celebritism, you will never find the lacking in every way, shallow celebrity story on this site or any site owned or edited by Mrs. Brad Pitt aka Kesha Pitt and Crawford Pitt...  Just after several updates the url was blocked with earlier threats of having stayed down or took it in.... what a joke.... He and those helping him are out to steal every dollar like they have stolen from Yahoo... who is still facing this entertainment writer in legal proceedings set against them..