Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Magazine Tres Ends with the Last Post Featuring Hollywood Invasions as She Fights Off Hollywood Alone
July 19, 2014

Now CEO/Founder ends the Magazine Tres Blog & Magazine Tres Treasers....  
BWR taking the liberates to further steal and plagiarized even overstate their 
claim of involvement with the 'nigger treated' wife of Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford.
 Hacked into site and profiles and the removal of her and Brad's actual and then
 only official Facebook his & Hers husband and wife profile meant that BWR and
 Hollywood were attacking her and proving racism accusations made in 2006.

When the then lie of Brad Pitt and Angelina would eventually see an over weight and

 destitute Brad Pitt hounded and raped by Jolie and Haven later joined by Matt 
Damon and George Clooney who continue to terrorize the marriage of Brad and
 Kesha. Assaulting Gossip Girl Chace Crawford, a gang of nine plus would arrived, 
 islands of Guam and Saipan where Brad, Kesha, Chace and their children relocated
to escape the horror have been the focus of 2500 molestation report in 2011 and 
denial issued over a year later paid for my Hollywood meant that Hollywood was 
been the rapes but also continued to abduct both Brad and Chace by 2014.

Magazine Tres Treasers brought by Provocateur featured to live broadcasts treasers

 and within 24 hours BWR declared they had taken it in aka they stole and would pay
 nothing to her... just use it to promote the lies and prostitution of the children both
 Brad and Angelina lost custody to Magazine Tres Blog and wife of Brad in 2009.
 The children are meanwhile, whored out to the media as if Jolie never was found
 guilty of child abuse and neglect, which she was.

Magazine Tres ~ http://keshacoggins.wordpress.com/
Ends July 2014 ~ Magazine Tres Teasers End the same Day