Monday, 8 September 2014

More Removal of Profiles and Url Access for Wife of Brad Pitt... Racist Hollywood Loose. Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt will Never GO Inside Ever! Left The Entertainment World in Retiring from Entertainment & Celebrity News Writing Earlier this Month For Good

Married to a fab collections of husbands, Mrs Kesha Cassandra heir to the fortunes viciously treated by Hollywood who now seek to isolate the wife of Brad Pitt, Mrs Kesha Cassandra from husband Brad and Chace Crawford . Stranded on the island of Saipan they of Hollywood and worst enemies from the past seek to exploit and prostitute the Queen announced and Monarchy real waiting emergence before the world. 

Married to Hollywood Actor and Now is Admin Blocked Against ~ More Hacking and Refusal to Pay From Personal Earnings and Professional Endeavors in Hollywood

Brad Pitt abducted since the Oscars. Seen nowhere on the islands freely going about his daily routine as was the case over a year ago. MUCH LIKE HE WAS WHEN HE FIRST ESCAPED ANGELINA JOLIE AND GEORGE CLOONEY'S clutches. Matt Damon another homosexual rapist who boast of raping Brad Pitt but also has some warped fantasy of ending up with Mrs. Brad Pitt. And, no he does not mean Angelina Jolie. WHO ironically, appears to be used as more decoy by these four homosexuals to kkep Brad at bay while they each make a vicious play towards the woman and mother of Brad's real children, carted around by them prostituted and molested since 2008.

Presently, Angelina Jolie & George Clooney have Brad who has been reported beaten and severely raped in Guam by Jolie and Aniston teams of lowlifes recently and as severely as when he was abducted in 2009, 2011. Fighting off  their threats of having his wife Kesha Cassandra sexually assaulted, they instead trick him into taking upon the assaults himself. Meanwhile, they are after him, his wife, my kids, Gossip star Chace Crawford and the billions  the real Pitt of Brad & Kesha are net worth financially.
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Now racist Hollywood prepares to steal everything Mrs Kesha Cassandra earned and kept in Monaco bank accounts since 2012 and purchased through EliteOne Provocateur launched and shutdown in 2011-2012.