Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A walk within ~ volume

About the Book 'A Walk Within' is a collection of poems reflecting from within the thoughts and passion I experienced in 2006. Words and expressions soon formed the layers of poetry that touched

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I'm THE AUTHOR Kesha Pitt. Freespirited, conventional, old fashion and modernly independent.  In 2006, I filled a long dream and become a writer.  By 2010, I landed my dream job as an Entertainment & Celebrity News writer while travelling through Thailand.  In 2007, after submitting a number of poems to the Poetry.com and poets society, I received the first of several more awards and one poet of the year nod by 2008. I relish writing and formulating ideas for levels of media. I grand lover of the arts, old films and entertainment.

I hope the life's experiences that lead me to the first to the last poem featured in 'A Walk Within' Volume I and II will inspire and alter you in every way.  Poetry is a beautiful expression which I beleive saved even my soul.   

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