Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Husbansds New Brad Pitt profile on Twitter... Stalkers of Hollywood & Andy Roddick Stay Away Message taken Down by Hackers Roddick & Wilmington Studio Extra staff Belong Behind Bars@!

Now Targeting My profile on Twitter... What is next for the Stalkers of Hollywood. Chris Carmack belongs Behind Bars! And, Wilmington
 Karen Williams Behind the Bizarre Hacking

Hacked into and sabotaged from accessing without it looking like this... see below https://twitter.com/.  Previously, is thefacebook.com/keshacoggins aka the professional profile used since Mrs. Kesha Cassandra Pitt, wife of Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford, launched her 2006 writing career on Associated Content now Yahoo Contributor Network.  Famous for her Gather.com (keshacoggins.gather.com) as entertainment & celebrity news writer the title more than earned with went with her onto her Magazine Tres (keshacoggins.wordpress.com) when jealously, greed and envy from other on Gather and off targeted her rise and assisted with what they thought was her fall.

Only weeks ago she would note her profile removed and blocked from her access. It also happens to be the admin profile for her Public Profile which in the recent days has had her posts removed by someone not herself only seconds after she has posted... so why is that?