Thursday, 25 September 2014


Stolen ARRA funds and online professional writing earning for more than two-years.... Is now retired from the Entertainment world permanently and due a fortune. London Met Police behind the demise of professional earnings and now Hollywood behind the demise of personal pursuits.

Am solo and single mother to biological children re-entered into Hollywood pedophile and perversion via Brad and Angelina.... Will never join anyone connected to the abductions or sexual abuse of my children who are to remain at their allocated Sorbonne 

There is only sole custody and none fathers to take the children on behalf of mother Mrs Kesha Cassandra. There are no next of kin just Hollywood Negroes prepared to prostitute them to "get in this." AKA crime unit. None from the past to claim or involve themselves as all are corrupted and perverted by homosexuality and theft of the EliteOne Provocateur CEO now debunked entertainment firm never to return again. The renamed Provocateur also never to be taken up by falsehoods and fake alleged members.

Racist Hollywood now sees the ending of her marriages and t he ending of her association to the entertainment world in general. Mary Queen of Scots heir will never reside in America and certainly never amongst the niggers white or black who abducted and humiliated her or her family ever. Their are no family members to call upon where her children are concerned and no friends other than their schooling in Paris.

None are to reside in free voucher housing paid for by Mrs Kesha Cassandra properties from extensive private portfolio. No Amal Mansour voucher is to be issued or excepted on grounds or property owned by Mrs Kesha Cassandra aka Kesha Rona Coggins ever. No ones children are to be handed over to schooling paid for by Move from Poverty now also debunked as it too is racism that saw Negro children removed in place of white children of well off Hollywood families whom this Queen heir will never take interest in or represent ever again. Never Move from Poverty or the education scheme. Contact your local education authority and housing authority as I am a monarch not a charity for racist supremacist to use and fleece.

There are no Jolie Pitt children welcomed with Mrs Kesha Cassandra nor to be repaid or raised within the Paris schooling they are to be registered at nor Sorbonne (university) schooling for as many as 29-years. Onlyl the biologaical children of Mrs Kesha Cassandra merely.