Friday, 24 October 2014

One Message to Jennifer Aniston~ Caught on My Properties or with My Brad Pitt MIXED RACE Biologically Brad's and real w ife Mrs Kesha Cassandra HILDREN "YOU EIVL BITCH" I WILL kILL YOU...!

Jennifer Aniston Connected to pedophile ring and Blue Bay homes around the world using my estates to keep home life with Brad Pitt from ever emerging....

  is this Hong Kong  Regalia Bay ... ruined and over built upon one of the new Blue Bay only for whites from America with Negro children bloodline Mary Queen of SCOTS HEIR... MRS Kesha Cassandra  CLICK HERE

 AND I TOLD YOU TO REMOVE YOUR SHITTY !@#$%^&* FROM BRAD PITT PROFILE ... YOU AINT EVER BEEN MARRIED TO THAT MAN ... I WAS THEN I AM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !@#$%^&*   ( i don't use edit swear mother !@#$%^&* so do stop editing and stalking.... )


  1. Jennifer Aniston
  2. Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American actress, filmmaker, and businesswoman. She gained worldwide recognition for portraying Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends, a role which earned her an ... Wikipedia

  3. Height: 1.64 m
  4. Spouse: Brad Pitt (m. 2000–2005)
about how Jennifer Aniston who enlisted the British London MET OFFICER Driss Hayoukane and Stephen Cripps to keep Mrs Kesha Pitt aka former Entertainment & Celebrity News  Writer Kesha Coggins from the world discovering that she was in fact the wife of Brad Pitt who Jennifer lying to British Media since summer 2000 pretended to be married to instead. It would take 2-years before she would realise that the woman he was already married to is the woman she was struggling night and day to keep from anyone in all the world of discovering... EVEN now she, Matt Damon & George Clooney pretend the world does NOT know that Mrs Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Coggins is and was married to Brad Pitt then and now....  Read More here


PS. Don't enter and reside in the properties of Mrs Kesha Pitt when you want to world to never print anything about her or acknowledge her as Brad's wife... WHAT THE !@#$%^&*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@#$%^&* 

Driss Hayoukane British Corrupt police officer appears to have remorse but Jennifer still after Brad's wife Mrs  Kesha Cassandra  read more 

Is Jennifer Aniston connected to the NMHC HOUSING VOUCHER TERMINATION 

NMHC Rota Rep reimbursement check fraud & BLue Bay Homes scam aka American Housing for pedophile ring and section 8 fraud around the world using estates belonging to Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt

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Northern Marianas Housing Field Representative Barrie Toves CHARGED with Fraud &Deception  by Saipan police Department

Bank of Saipan account #0420001074 : BANK OF SAIPAN | Routing Number - 121403078. trip to the bank yesterday to verify two cashed checks (July 2013) in dispute with Northern Marianas Housing after discovering that Field Representative Barrie Toves stole 6 to 7 months of checks in the amount of $141 somehow increased to $146 since July or August for the first time in two year just two weeks led to Kesha Coggins aka Mrs. Kesha Pitt also discovering that she but someone else closed out her bank account.

When requested to have a copy of the checks by the Saipan office rep handling the matter of coming up with checks that Rota's new rep alleged were not cut at all since June refused and left the office for the day.  The addition uncased two checks combined totalling were issued in the amount of $290 were also taken by the Northern Marianas Housing Rep but no real explanation for why they amount is shy of the alleged December 2013 termination from the program amount. Which led up to 6 months and not two months worth of $141 check reimbursement checks issued. $846 approx in total still remains unpaid.

And, if Toves carried on using the$1045 rental SECTION VOUCHER even after December's so called termination (the notification lists "not power or water connected as the reason form termination of a section 8/HUD housing voucher and no real or legitimate reason was provided)  then he has also stolen some $6270 and $7315 if you include his collecting the December rental amount for a so termination month that did not list a date prior to the 15th December 2013 which amounted to an additional $1045. Already isolated and cut off from the Northern Marianas HOUSING ASSOCIATION BASED IN SAIPAN, TOVES AND TOVES ALONE HAD FREE RUN OF THE ROTA SUBDIVISION AND THEREFORE PAID NO MONIES ELSEWHERE OVER HIMSELF.

How many other units on the housing estate did Toves defraud Section 8 and HUD since 2012?

Hollywood wearing mustaches since 2009... all part of pedophile ring Jennifer and Jolie supple children for?