Monday, 27 October 2014

Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt~ My life as Mrs. Pitt

My life as Brad Pitt's wife still marred by Jennifer Aniston... you would think that it is just Angelina Jolie but as I understand in my absence aka traveling aboard to Thailand a game of sorts ensue in t he media between Jennifer and the writers. She sought to re-instate herself as girlfriend or wife but of course I the wife stood then and now in the way.....

In place of her demands to launch her pursuit of Brad on front covers there would be the conscience effort to ignore her and instead add in place of hers Angelina Jolie's name. Even Angelina recently has finally admitted that she is aware of Brad's married life to me, Mrs Kesha Cassandra. However, she still stiffens from the questions and admission of loss of custody of the children and their not being biologically Brad's.
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