Monday, 27 October 2014

Futuristic Pursuit Launch to Anti-Child Sex Trafficking Sabotage by Hackers

Founder ~Kesha  Coggins  aka Mrs. Kesha Pitt

The below post was featured on the left hand side of the Futuristic Pursuit Human Response page... but days later was removed... Indicating, exactly where some 3000 nearly rescued from Hollywood racism based fake fostercare and pedophilia in general now reported removed from the Elite One Christ College ~ Luxury Collection building they were ironically stolen away from in 2012.

Twenty-four hours after the announcement, the children were shipped off to the former US and Hollywood users who believe they get a home of the biological mother for their efforts to take in the kidnapped and raped child for evil without permission of mother, CEO, HEIR to UK throne... Mrs Kesha Cassandra. Now to reported missing.... all 1259 are gone.

FUTURISTIC PURSUIT ~ Futuristic Pursuit launches new Anti-Child Sex Trafficking projects that restore lives and victims of sex slavery and servitude.

Elite Christ College Schools & Royal Christ College Schools

Located in Paris & Beaulieu ~ Royal Kingdom

Recuse & educates 1518 children from a group of 1770


( minus older non related 55 Negroes)

While the 1285 mostly emancipated teens with children of their own make their way back to homes allocated by CPS social service Dublin where the shall reside with up to two additional emancipated (not white America adults or any other nationality) forever. University of Dublin.

Maui ~ Luxury Collection aka Elite Christ College School for some 1030 white looking children (only blood related) and not ! !@#$%^&* treating white families swapping their children as they will require being billed foreign student fees. Newly emancipated belonging in Dublin single mum homes return while the rest as many as 910 reside and attend Regent College, Kaui, Maui UK and later university in Europe.

All of these children are treated with I was as a little girl and will not have the hardship that white America nor prostitution that waits them as Negros connected to white American inside this.

I REMAIN OUTSIDE AND SO DO MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!human-response/c22m6