Friday, 24 October 2014

Brad Pitt's Decent Back into BWR Lies About His Personal Life, Assault, Abused Children, Drugging, Homosexuality

Reports of Brad Pitt moving forward not just on with the wife the world of entertainment was told of since 1984 when he first emerged on the Hollywood scene and publicly renounced for the world by 2009 after the signing on both sides of legal separation papers and sole custody of the falsely alleged by Angelina Jolie not by Brad Pitt to be biologically his as planned since the children first Maddox caught the attention of wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra. Noticing him to be depressed and unresponsive in the ways abused children tend to be, it seemed the perfect solution ... they would take t he child off Jolie's hands who been then confessed to nightly stays in hotels with several men leaving the child to be raised by a zillion nannies and no one in particular to love him in spite of being adopted by Jolie and her husband Billy Bob Thornton (still married to 2014). It would this interest in that child that Jolie would ;use over and over again until it appeared that she and not Brad's wife would raise the child with Brad in and out of the media.

Read more about the descended life of Brad at the time he broke free of Jolie in December 2010 and the new life plans he had with wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt by April 2012

While life for movie star Brad Pitt spiraled out of control in recent years, Pitt found the strength to break free and put some real distance between himself and former co-star Angelina Jolie as well as the others demons of the past.
Pitt’s new life revolves around his life with wife Kesha. The couple recently rescued several children from abuse and exploitation known to Jolie’s Hollywood circles.

Pitt proudly refers to himself as uncle of the formerly known as Jolie-Pitt children. Except for the child known as former Pax who appeared after the first child named Pax suspected of being returned to Vietnam was replaced by the darker and older looking child. Known as William Hamlet Beckworth Coggins Pitt, the child is the first legal child of the interracial Hollywood couple.
Successfully breaking free to take back the control over both his personal and professional life means that Pitt continues to battle off both Jolie and former public relation firm BWR. After years of hiding behind tales of children and so-called family life, actor Brad Pitt recently broke his silence and confessed to not having any biological children with Jolie after all.

Just over a year ago he tied the knot on the island of Guam with long distance love interest Kesha Coggins. Life for Pitt finally feels like it can take a real turn for the better. A-list actor Pitt in control and still determined to battle off unpleasant issues from his recent past, shake off users and hangers-on. Former friends like Brad Grey, Cynthia Pett-Dante, Nancy Ryder and Ocean’s co-star George Clooney appear only to cause havoc to the actor’s fourth nod and appearance at the Oscars 2012.

The last time the former friends Clooney and Grey met with Pitt, Grey and Clooney’s actions lead to Pitt pursing legal actions to keep the disturb pair away. Once again, the time has come for Pitt to take legal action against Clooney and Grey to the next level to protect himself and new bride Kesha.