Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Matt Damon, George Clooney, Alastair Burlingham & Danny Burlingham Pose as Police to Keep Brad and Kesha Apart

Alastair Burlingham & Danny Burlingham Pose as Police to Keep Brad and Kesha Apart, turn into molester monsters and pedophile.

Aided by London Metropolitan Police since 1999, the world of Brad and Kesha imploded when Matt Damon took a homosexual pursuit of both Brad Pitt and James Haven. Using now the London Met to broker breaking down the actor physically with assaults nightly and rape daily, Matt appears to think he will next declare themselves boyfriends while ending wife Kesha out who he alleges to have the white children with as he fathered at least 4.

Meanwhile, taking over estates around the world owned by Mrs. Kesha Cassandra Pitt is the plan of all connected to the 2014 abduction of Brad Pitt. Not seen since last year, a battered Pitt appeared in Oscar photos with stalker Angelina Jolie who also continues to prostitute and abuse the very children the California court took away when Mrs Pitt aka Kesha called in DSS in 2009.

Now squatting hotels in Cork, Ireland, villas in Rome, private homes around the world, Jolie, Damon, Clooney as well as Metcalfe, Eddie Cibrian attempt to badger and bully Mrs. Pitt into surrendering into their plans to use her and her children forever.

The  Met Police themselves are also assisting the rape and abduction of my husband and spouse Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford making this matter even more difficult for justice to enter saving her and her husbands, children and net worth they are all after once and all.

Susana Pellicano of Ladbroke Grove social housing and cps have details on her for years, Allison Fabiola ( I reported to Maida Vale Police, and Nigerian Karen of Maida Vale husband Nigerian Patrick (surname unknown) friends of Choima Anaghara of Golders Green, London all after my homes in Rome via Angelina Jolie while Choima prostitutes children trafficked by London Met and Frome, Catherine Street antagonizer I reported to the police in 2004/2005 while residing at 44 Catherine Street, FROME ground floor.