Thursday, 19 June 2014

Trend Hunter After Magazine Tres & Yahoo Still Waiting the "Come inside" So that We Can Get Away with Not Paying You

.... Brad Pitt's wife... Kesha Coggins aka Mrs. Pitt Remains Outside Forever!!!!

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A contributor since 2006, yet this fast rising now gloriously sustained in her success as a continued rising writer and entertainment producer is not paid a dollar from Gather where she remained a member of the community but stopped receiving even small community amounts of funding come the 6450 viewed pages required to collect the self-manual allocated funding payment via Paypal.  Favorited read revenue readership profile article writer there, at Wordpress via Magazine Tres under the and of course Yahoo, no revenue payments have been paid directly to Kesha ever from Wordpress but also not from either Gather or Yahoo since 2012.

Under new CEO Marissa Mayers who altogether has blocked her funds since taking the helm in summer 2012. The entertainment and arts writer refuses to writer tabloid celebrity trash, fake coupling and crap made her one of the most celebrated writers fast rising to millionaire club on Yahoo Contributor Network where instead of being congratulated she has been fleeced (robbed of there extensive revenue) and denied access to her successful yahoo contributors account.