Friday, 20 June 2014

Andy Roddick another Psycho after the wife of Brad Pitt & Chace Crawford

Like Chris Carmark former of 'OC' fame, Andy Roddick another psycho after the wife of Brad Pitt & Chace Crawford.
Married claims through some loser former acquaintance from London connected to evil molester Alastair Burlingham who himself claims he to married the homeless and robbed of her money in spite of launching the world's most successful entertainment erotic firm in history called EliteOne Provocateur.

Trillions earned via Plan B aka Excalibur-One, Paramount Vantage and more recently Paramount/REGENCY success.... WHERE IS THIS WOMAN'S FUCKING MONEY HOLLYWOOD.... ? ANDY RODDICK ewehhhhhhh and ARRA bullshit money ain't good enough!