Sunday, 30 November 2014

Elite One Films (2011-2012)

Elite One Films news updates brings you information about the dissolution of the successful yet fleeced and plagerized production company. Film projects termed 'gorilla' filming produced more than 130 films ~ 30 films a month~ check the official website for the film listings. Sadly, the original films stock was destroyed by Tom Crusie who was dleiberately excluded fromt he film shoots and film projects then and now. 

A two-year hiatus was expects to see a concluded investigation into theft and embezzled millions of Elite One Films as well as Paramount Vantage films projects, revenue and future projected earning owed only to Kesha Coggins Pitt, but instead it confirms the closure of the film company. Revenue and investment funding stolen from Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Coggins Pitt lead to the obvious decision. Regretful that ends this star producers affiliation in Hollywood and with the world of filmmaking altogether. They refused to pay negroes. Instead, insult and 'nigger' treatment is what this CEO of the world's most successful film companies and film studio projects produced this side of the century. Inspite of the setback, the decent of those closet and the racism viciously thrown at the founder of Elite One Films, Plan B (Excalibur-one) and Paramount Vantage (Vintage Row), the films produced werre the heart and soul of appreciation for this filmmaker. The world will never be the same. The passion does live even when you never this that it will. Thank you to those who made this little girls truests dream come true. The pictures ... not everyone wanted to be in them ... so of us just wanted to make them ~

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Elite One Films  (2011-2012)