Sunday, 30 November 2014

Brad Pitt & wife Kesha's 14-year Anniversary Marred ~ Instead Solo life Outside.... & Single mother to father not listed as the legal father Single Motherhood!

Brad Pitt & wife Kesha's 14-year Anniversary

Naming your wife for 14-years is quite something. But, marrying her with her mother's permssion prior to her coming of age making your real anniversary 20-years actually what do you get your wife on such an event... eternal life in hell some closest to those who mean to keep this very publicly acknowledge love, marriage and family at bay aka Tom 'soar loser' Cruise and Madonna ( who only just recently after 20-years of hunting Pitt finaly gave over to hunting Mrs. Pitt instead...ugh).

Chace Crawford also betrothed to wife by mother's signature granting the then under aged Crawford his destiny to be married to the one and only soulmate and love of his life... He would pop the question himself December 2010 to one and the same Mrs Kesha Pitt. aka Mrs Kesha Crawford Pitt (Mrs Crawford) ... who said of course 'yes.'


vows renewed on February 3, 2011 (10-years 'inside' anniversary)

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