Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wife of Brad Pitt Fleeced by Brad & Angelina not Just Hollywood, Makes Plea to the Justice Department for HELP

Look what Google's is violating post blocking just seconds after writing and post comment clicking... I am being WATCHED!!!

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Kesha Coggins
Shared publicly  -  10 Aug 2014

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt take billions from my film company while I am stranded on the streets of Saipan after 10 months on the streets of Guam. I am CEO of EliteOne Provocateur and Paramount Vantage aka Vintage Row and owe the properties around the world used for my EliteOne Provocateur events which they and other celebrities now break into or have falsely alleged ARRA money via children born of my bloodline without my permission to access the money while I am given nothing of the funds ever...

Although, married to me my money kept from me especially since the success of EliteOne Provocateur Brad claims to be $297 billions dollars up out of nowhere with homewrecker Angelina Jolie. Both, DSS children neglect charged and children taken from them and given to Constance Gary but collected by Marie Watkins aka Constance's daughter's mother-in-law in 2009. The pair continue to flaunt the children who are molested by George Clooney, Matt Damon and others in Hollywood aka is how Jolie makes the money for them.

My homes are not for their use. I don't want to have anything to do with Jolie ever and demand a restraining order against her and Aniston to prevent them from moving into my homes and carting around children granted to me aka the 6 Jolie-Pitt children plus the 3 biologically mine also discovered in the Los Feliz, LA home I believe I owned not Brad in 2009.

I need help.... my Yahoo money also kept from me, so far the hits per view were deliberately withheld and reduced to 2000 a month from 20,000 to 30,000 per month earning me since reaching a million hits $2 in summer 2012. But, for two years Brad & Angelina have been stealing the funds I believe, London Met owe me compensation but that to could be stolen by Brad and those using him for money like Brad Grey and Cindy Guagneti.  Meanwhile, my children are prostituted and I am stolen from and kept away from attending invites to Berlin Film Festival and Book Fair's around the world due to Brad's refusal to send even a plan ticket. In all the year's of marriage, he has never paid a dollar to me directly. I have been blocked from progressing in my online writing career before launching my ELITEONE PROVOCATEUR which he also appears to have taken in the funds for and refuses to give to me... My homes around the world are purchase in my Kesha Rona Coggins in the event he denied being married to me...s o he has no right to any of my estates, palaces, or properties around the which include hotel chains and opera houses.


He let's people like Amal Mansour collect both my children and my money.. a thief hacker who steals ARRA funds from everyone not just me... and even hacks into banks around the world.    What is that supposed to for me and my children.

Jennifer Aniston & London MET POLICE Illegal Undertaking Against Kesha Coggins Started 2002

AOL hacking in 2014 is an escalation of crime against KESHA COGGINS AKA KESHA PITT launched in 2002 when Jennifer Aniston commenced collaboration with corruption out of the London Met Police.

Why there is not alert to direct the account holder to an number or
communication to customer service assistance ... because Allison
Fabiola, a London based stalked associated with the horrendous London Met Police undertaking against her since 1999 over the matter Alastair Burlingham of Merrill Lynch - London  who Allison was after with homosexual rapist and a plot to empty account. The account since access was regained saw at least on main email sender address leading Kesha to believe that Amal Mansour had gained accessed.

Only a year and a half ago Amal Mansour and Alastair Burlingham hacked into this online book publication to block her publication of this now published with ISSUU  AND LEANPUB.COM  Ironically, Alastair nor Amal was aware
that the first publication of this awarded poet already published at

This did not stop the hackers from furthering their efforts to use the
published book of poems to hatch their on career moves to utilize her
namesake power and celebrity access to fame and fortune. Attending her invites to the Berlin Film Festival in her place was just some of the celebrity's set against her involvement leading her to see once and
for all that Jennifer Aniston played a large part in keeping her down
for years only to discover that she is a celebrated author,
entertainment and celebrity, poet, and CEO of the former EliteOne
Provocateur and Elite One FIlms ( both which Jennifer professes to run now herself.) Both shutdown permanently, Kesha will never again seek to work with husband Brad Pitt who Jennifer claims as her husband and partner in EliteOne Provocateur already renamed Provocateur since 2012 unknown to Jennifer.

Jennifer Aniston, incidentally, noted for her 2001/2002 undertaking
with London Met Police officer Driss Hayoukane of Kensington and
Chelsea Police of London. And, now is directly linked to the ruin of
ELIteOne Provcateur and the press tour launch for husband Brad Pitt
and Kesha R Coggins aka Kesha Pitt.