Wednesday, 27 August 2014

James Haven Dead Since January 2011 But Never Spoke by Angelina Jolie Ever Again... MURDER BY HER PERHAPS?

Brad Pitt – New Ban on Media to End Jolie Headlines

Angelina Jolie'S REAL love of her life... her brother eventually would develop a real of of his own without Jolie.... aka Brad Pitt. Desperate to remain around Brad Pitt was Angelina Jolie after co-starring with the now destitute and abducted by her Matt Damon and George Clooney. In spite of Pitt announcing the real and ONLY love of his life aka Mrs Brad Pitt  as known as Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt and at the time writing for both and Associated Content after acquisition named Yahoo Contributors Network, Jolie, Damon and Clooney continue to alliance themselves against Mrs Kesha Pitt. Even breaking and entering into her homes around the world while she is homeless and stranded on island of Saipan.  

Retreating to the island of Saipan in 2011 to flee Angelina Jolie, new life with the love of his life Kesha Coggins (Pitt) birth name Cassandra Jameson Pitt renewed Hollywood not just Brad Pitt from looking like an overweight washed up debunked actor which oddly enough going from ROCKING HOT with wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra on the islands of Guam, Rota, and Saipan waiting to settle into life on the island of Rota. Joined by other Hollywood hottie Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford would find themselves assaulted and abducted by Damon and Clooney led assaults upon them at Ladera Towers since March/April 20011. 

Returned to drugging and homosexual acts according to both Damon and Clooney even Jolie means only one thing the sexual assaults are meant to destroy his efforts to flee her and them once again. Healthy drug and alcohol free-living may also be playing a major role but love and freedom from the Hollywood couple game appears to be at the heart of the new and improved Brad Pitt the world has seen since Spring 2011. In spite of legal separation papers drawn up in  Spring 2008 legally ended the matter of Jolie and Pitt but the actress was determined to put up a fight behind the scenes while conducting a public charade at Pitt’s expense. Using as many as 19 different looking children she drags him through airports now looking for a luxury estate or property purchased and owned by Mrs Kesha Pitt while she of course is homeless.
This is what BWR and Cindy Guaneti call headlines.... LIES AND CRIME...

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