Wednesday, 27 August 2014

George Clooney Disgusting Homo Love for Pitt & Shacking up in Wife Mrs MrsKesha Cassandra Pitt Sorreto Villa without Permission

George Clooney still pretends he never knew Brad Pitt and wife Kesha Pitt aka Mrs Kesha Cassandra wed long before Ocean 11 co-starring and renewed vows in 20011
Pitt officially announced before the world the ending of the Angelina Jolie saga in March of 2009. Jolie still lies to the world and George backs up every lie. A tast of living the free high life off of Brad's Los Feliz home seems to have left both stalking every home puorchased by the real Hollywood couple of Brad and Kesha Cassandra Rona I ever since they discover EliteOne Provocateur launch in 2011.

Annually with Pitt’s public attempts to free himself from Jolie leave him sexuall assaulted and harassed and now abducted since January 2014 the night of the Oscars. Yet, the actor’s determination to do just that seems to be something the media wish instead to continue to pretend they have the right to over look. Legal separation papers drawn up in  Spring 2008 legally ended the matter of Jolie and Pitt but the actress was determined to put up a fight behind the scenes while conducting a public charade at Pitt’s expense.

The heroin addicted actress continues to make false statements to the media and go out of her to conjure of the money shot for the press. Ironically, Pitt public denied any involvement with the actress two entire years after parting from former partner Jennifer Aniston. Even ordering a ban on the media to prevent the Jolie and Pitt story from starting in the media in the first place. Nevermind Jolie…

Lost custody doesn't seem to stop Jolie from claiming she has children with the already married actor.... why is that Jolie?