Saturday, 24 January 2015

Mrs Kesha Cassandra Survives First Night in DURHAM Homeless Shelter Sends Request to US Consular Hanoi

Regarding the loan, I was told by the representative from AIT that I would not have to pay back the loan as the ticket payment was all taken care of and the loan did not any longer apply. He even stole or confiscated the paperwork aka letter confirming the loan we signed and the confirmation I sought as refund from China Airlines leaving me with not even a real ongoing ticket to RDU just one-way to LAX. Please confirm the above for my records... that you. Presently, I am residing at the homeless shelter near the Durham main library called Faith-Base Ministry ( if I require being reached in person... or via mail. My ordeal handled by the US appears to be nothing more than luring and than forcing my to Los Angeles which I refused to stay even stopping over 24hrs in LAX. I have lost my job in Hong Kong, am homeless now in Durham and have no money.

Below is my ordeal at the TAIPEI AIRPORT IN FULL

The man on the phone shouted were the American Government are deporting you back to the United States... this after first explaining to the American Institute Taiwan  were called in for emergency assistance. Told of her loan rather than direct payment by the US Consulate for $1300 ($1200 the Hanoi to Durham ticket) and therefore she arriving in Taipei would mean that the exhibition she is due to debut her first publication "A WALK WITHIN" would be refunded and ongoing to Honk Kong for work commencement as an English Teacher. 

Money withheld for for four years and no funds to arriving option rights in Berline Film Festival 2015, the appointment as an English Teacher was the perfect start to the year. Now stranded in Durham after the AIT who arrived the Taipei Police who kindly checked on the readiness of the refunded and presumed stolen funds after the cancellation. Instead, she was offered to be on a plane to Hollywood... taken to the checkin expecting the ongoing to Durham not her choice but that of Constance Gary.... she in fact requested flight to NYC where she owns her several luxury properties that have been presumably squatted in behind her back for two-years and used by a Hollywood pedophile ring linked to George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.

The phone calls from the US government came when she protested to the ticketing only showing LAX and their refusal to ongoing the flight itinerary to RDU aka the original plane fare and ticketing. Her insistence that the US Government had done her wrong for the horror stories pertaining to her marital status in their media coverage of a farcical lie backed by Constance. That and the stealing ARRA funding that they still refuse to acknowledge or contact her for recipient  there of.  

They said nothing more that "WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOU BACK TO THIS COUNTRY FOR YEARS...." Why she said.... silence is what she heard. They instructed the Taipei to threaten arrest and cart her aggressively onto the LAX China Airlines flight. Refusing to hand over her passport even after boarding the flight but to the air stewart and the cabin crew were instructed to keep the documents until after she dis-embarked from the plane in LAX. 

The ongoing ticket read DURHAM not RDU AND SAID NOTHING OF EVEN THE NORMAL DETAILS AKA COUNTY ... JUST DURHAM. When she discovered that is was just as it appeared she finally was being forced back to t he US via Los Angeles she completely lost it... and demanded a change of connecting city knowing who waited her in Los Angeles before... when she actually was deported out of Thailand and told Los Angeles was the only city she could possible return. Refusing then as she did now, she ended up arriving Guam and remaining stranded in the 3-years when they Hollywood following her there made the same demands they thought they had finally forced her into LAX to give into...

Now job seeking in Durham.... she is expected to receive at least food stamps by next Friday. At the mercy of her so called mother, it is too cold to sleep out doors but she just may opt for that over any abuse or further obvious attempts to junk her food or clothing up with decease or drugging. Meanwhile, both husbands Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford... are considered both abducted and still sexually assaulted.... For what she will never join the evil cult group of Hollywood pedophile or their lowlife fuckwits of Wilmington Film Studio.... heading the stalking and sabotage.