Thursday, 25 December 2014

Mrs Kesha Cassandra ~New url address from presently blocked...

Cassandra ~New url address from presently blocked...

New url address from presently blocked...
Meanwhile read more about the thefts and home invasions taking palace around the world on all her lulxury properties while she now stranded and homeless in Ho Chin Min continues to strive to stay outside and removed from Hollywood forever

Loft City News reports~
Hong Kong Regalia Bay HousingAmerica Infiltration
Regalia Bay, Other Hong Kong, Cities In Hong Kong Hong Kong is a Villas / Townhouses with 5 bedrooms, 5 Full Baths and was built in 2003.
House, Town House, Completed in 2003
Description:Regalia Bay is a large scale townhouse development in Stanley. The houses are arranged in four rows on a slope with enchanting views of Stanley Bay and the South China Sea. Infrared and vibration sensor security system covering the entire building complex ensures strictest security and privacy.
Scale:There are total 139 houses divided into 2 phases. Occupation Permit has been issued to phase 1 which comprises more than 80 houses. Comprehensive clubhouse facilities are provided.
Location:Regalia Bay lies at the coastal area off Wong Ma Kok Road which is a short drive to Stanley Market and the Bus Terminal, or about 30 minutes to Central commercial areas.
Initially, purchased with a few as 9 units the Regailia Bay estate was the perfect location with cliff bluff views of the South China Sea. However, in just over a year it has been unfortunately transforme into the American's Guide to Hong Kong Properties (AGHK) featuring American building some more that 100 units and over developing the grounds altogether.
For sale is the photo featured once esteemed property. While residing in the property home invasions of 2012 emptied at least one of the privately owned home to Hollywood when they came calling for children.