Wednesday, 9 July 2014

LIke a 'A Walk Within' another venture on mine has been plagiarized and stolen~

Magazine Tres Rumoured to be Headed by Trend Hunter in Europe Where they Pretend Brad & Angelina has Mrs. Kesha Pitt as their fan!!!

Magazine Tres Rumoured to be Headed BY Trend Hunter in Europe Where they Pretend Brad & Angelina has Mrs. Kesha Pitt as their fan!!!Magazine Tres launched in 2010 on Wordpress makes so much money that George Clooney and his loser team he tried to impress Mrs. Kesha Cassandra Pitt with aka Kesha Coggins the CEO/Editor and Founder now has plagiarizer Jeremy Grutude heading the farcical version of the world's most successfully launched online mag site since well perhaps Kesha launched the world most success and highly read blog at just months earlier.Ironically, it was the unceremonious sacking she received from Gather heads that lead the enraged Entertainment & Celebrity News writer into launching an entertainment site of her own. Featured on the aka ~Magazine Tres her style or non-favouritism with celebrities reporting and even bashing the ones she hated the most. Never to blow smoke up the bottoms of bottom feeders as she still see them they knew her style of writing about fairly well by the end of summer 2010 when a EECO suit filed and sabotaged by Gather staff who are alleged to have been ordered to pay out some $7 million. Leo DiCaprio, Chace Crawford and Brad Pitt (later paid off by Crawford to stay away from the woman Crawford would land just weeks into seeing his own articles on the now world-renowned magazine.... Two week along with Brad Pitt would tie the knot and in the case of both renew their vows just 6 months later...That was three year ago.... well done them!!!!!!

And, well down Magazine Tres. If you are offered to read it anywhere else you are reading BULLSHIT so don't add just report.

Meanwhile enjoy the latest for the expansion of the Magazine Tres Empire ~ Provocateur presents Magazine Tres Treasers ~ - the original and only Magazine Tres ~ and the newest Magazine Tres Blog ~