Thursday, 17 July 2014

Brad and Chace ~Honosexual Rapist & Extortion, Theft and Hollywood ~ What's Next Murder?

Is Hollywood hottest man~ in danger of Hollywood's most debunked and closet homosexually including Tom Cruise and Matt Damon. Not only Brad Pitt but perhaps as well Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. Latest reports are that both are abducted and kept away from their high profile wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt aka Mrs Kesha Cassandra Crawford Pitt.

Both Brad & Chace are believed to be raped and abducted for months now. Drugged and raped their are offered to as many as 90 men a night. As many as 40 men assault t hem in a week because they will not pay up to Negroes of Hollywood or give into Madonna scheme to control and use them. Children believed to be kidnapped by Choima Anaghar and Medhat Skeik el Ard of London and former Saudi to both London and Saudi are again being prostituted by one and kidnapped for molestation by the other.

While no one does anything... Paul Walker, Ashton (homo rapist of Chace Crawford) and Andy Roddick assault and beat Chace to near death.. just less than 24 hours ago.. in Tinian after assaulting him in Guam. Ridley Scot, Robert Redford, Medhat Sheik el Ard also behind his year long assaults with Amal Mansour and Najat of former Dubai, Dany Farha and Geor

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